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Program is a fast way to perform repetitive tasks with photos. Program contains a set of edits (image filters, size changes, rotations and more) and transfers them to photos when it is called.

To create program you need to start editing any image and apply to it desired changes, then save Program on Export screen. This is shown in the pictures below

When the program is saved, you can use it many times. To do this at first you need to open Load screen, select at least one image, and then tap program button, which is located on the right of the bottom bar. On the next screen you need to find your program and tap it to execute. You can also view program’s details using ‘info’ button. All this is shown in the pictures below

An example of creating and using program is shown below

Using programs can greatly speed up your workflow. There can be your own sets of filters, precise crop and size templates, tools for distribution and sharing and more complex unique combinations. If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us using the links below.

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