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CropSize is the perfect app for precise image crop and resize, which also lets you flip, rotate, filter images and manage photo metadata. With this app you can easily edit and share up to 50 images at once, and even save your edits as template for future use.

Unlike many other editing apps CropSize allows to enter exact size for photo resize and crop. Fully customizable size and ratio presets can greatly facilitate this task. In addition, single-pixel correction gives you an ability to adjust image crop position and size with an accuracy of 1px. All manipulations with dimensions within the app are allowed to be made in pixels, inches and centimetres.

“The best feature of all is the ability to save your edits as a template. After you finish getting an image just right, you can save all your crops, filters, and metadata changes to a template. That template can be used on future photos or on large batches all at once.” – Ryan Poolos,

CropSize has an ability to edit a bulk of images. In this case size and orientation of images in the bulk are allowed to be different. Any edits available for a single picture are suitable for the batch processing. This means that you can use batch crop, batch resize, batch shrink, batch filter and more complex combinations of any available editing operations.

CropSize gives you an actual information during image resize, crop and other editing tasks. Information includes dimensions and cropping position in pixels, centimetres and inches, an approximate filesize of the current part of image, and metadata. Image format, pixel size and file size is shown for selected pictures in the photo library.

With CropSize you can easily resize and crop images for Instagram, Facebook and other Social Networks, enlarge and shrink your picture to specific size for any blog, website and document, de-squeeze photos taken with anamorphic lenses, compress your results to JPEG, PNG and TIFF, and much more.

Main features:

Image crop
– manual input of exact size & position
– move, resize, scale through gestures
– rotate 360° with manual input of exact angle
– customizable ratio presets
– ratio control
– 1px correction
– crop grid

Photo resize
– enlarge and shrink
– manual input of exact size
– relative slider with manual input of specific size in percent
– customizable photo resize presets
– actual size preview
– aspect ratio control
– image resize modes: stretch, clip, insert
– fill colors for insert mode
– photo de-squeeze

Basic edits
– flip and rotate through single gesture
– info about actual photo dimensions and filesize estimation
– pixels, centimetres, inches as main units
– history (undo/redo) with list of actions
– choice of photo version: original or most recent

Photo filters
– multiple effects simultaneously
– intensity slider
– effect result preview with zoom in/out

– selected photo metadata preview
– metadata editor to manage Basic, TIFF, EXIF, JFIF, PNG, IPTC, GPS metadata

– photo library with albums
– open with CropSize app from other app
– copied photos from any source
– photo preview (including photo details and metadata)
– multi selection
– camera
– programs manager with ability to run program

Export (Share)
– preview with zoom in/out
– compress picture using Auto, JPEG(with quality slider), PNG and TIFF* output formats
– filesize estimation for selected format
– batch processing
– share via iCloud, Email, Facebook, Twitter, iMessage and more
– program creation

*TIFF is available for iPhone 5/iPad retina/iPad mini 2 and newer

Max image size varies depending on device:
iPhone 4s/iPad mini/iPod touch 5 and lower – 3264 px,
iPhone 5(s)/iPad retina & air/iPad mini 2-3/iPod 6 – 5000 px,
iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus – 7000 px,
iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus/iPad air 2 and newer – 8192 px

Optimised for new and old devices. Supports both portrait and landscape orientation.

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